Saturday, October 1, 2011

end-month holiday

to budak2 asrama ,WELCOME HOME :)this gonna b the last end month holiday sbb after ni kne struggle 4 final exam .DAMN !but,then END YEAR SMESTER :)
dis holiday,im gonna b in kl, cuty-cuty .

today : tinggal ngn sibligs n lil cuzzy je kt rumah my aunty .B O R E D mom n aunt blik kelantan juz imagine staying at home with the kids only ??macam2 karenah .
tonite bru my dad dtg amik we all n go 2 shah alam .2morrow morning grak kaybee,my uncle tenat .hopefully sume okehh .

a few days to go
juz do last touch up
try ur best
yg penting ENJOYY :)

i'm too b o r e d !!

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