Saturday, June 11, 2011

im away

hurmm .today inm going back 2 PASIR SALAK .erghh ..facing lots of work n result .its such a nightmare .again ,someone will not longger b beside me .HAZLIN NADIRA ..she is my bestie .urmm ..

do take care 
all the best guys

Thursday, June 9, 2011

mummy n daddy anni

08062011.hari2 ade event .hahahaha ,,ary ni annvsary mom plak .so ,my whole family pgi bli pizza hut n bwat sanwish 4 tingkat .urmm .sdapp ckopkan syarat ,ade lahh kek 1 slice je .HAHAHAHA .


pantai cahaya bulan .ptg ary y same ,sume kazen2 pg minum air kelapa kt pcb .mkn jgong ,amk2 gmba n ronggeng2 la kt cy2 .

lil bro birthday

mlm b4 bday die ,ade y klua g mkn ,blk uma dlm pkol 12 lbey ,da tlajak la knn na wish bday die .so ,i n my kazen pgi la bli tepung otw blk uma 2 .mle2 ingat na bli 3 paket ,tp tkot ta abes,so bli satu je ..kzn2 sume ni da pakat lahh na knekan dy .sume sorok kt celah2 kete ,once die kua ,ktorg larii kejar die then blg tepung kt die .habis puteh kott bdan dy ..HAHAHAHAH .sume enjoy tyme 2 .pas 2 sume brebot toilet na mandy .da sume kne tepung .heheheheh

yg tengah 2 la AFNAN

hand made by k.nieja

like father like son

anyway ,na wish HAAPY ANNIVERSARY 2 n uncle ..

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

qaseh mia 2nd birthday

now qaseh mia turns 2 ..a usual her birthday goin 2 b grand dis time .pink is the theme .it's looks girlie gitu .WOW ~evrybody is bz preparing her birhday .ade y kne ptong buah,cucuk buah,gntong belon,susun candy table n macam2 lagi ..its start at 4 till 7 .




we all had a great time together .thank you 2 all .

Sunday, June 5, 2011

e-day n HB

yeahh..its saturday .now,its turn enngment again .K.Sha n A.Aiman day ;)
they look beautiful in pink suit .all my family gonna b pink n red .huhu .

its birthday again ..AMELYA ERYSHA.heisy2 syg aq niey ..da tue lol ..she called me but i can't answer .ary nie mlass na pgg fon .huhu ..die ni sgt putehh n comell  .lusung pipit die sgt dalam .geramm ..

sha,hopefullly u wll b happy n joyfulalwys
may all ur dreams cme true
be strong enough k
no cry2 anymore k

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


HELLO ~it has been half year of 2011 .time is mving faster kann ..1st day in june jatoh pulak on rabu ,so teenagers2 kt kua 2 mronggeng lahh .as usual rabu knn tkt wyg murahh .ERGHH !!!jelouss .. membe2 lame sume ajk kua ary ni .bdq2 MRSMPS,SSEJB,SMC,MGS ,tapy na buat cmne ,im in kaybee lak .ohh ..salah plan lak .pape pon ,kt kaybee ade rmai family .huhu .cant wait 4 k.sha's enggmnt on friday ;)its gonna b gorgeous.tema kali ni pink merah .waah~xcted kudd .

for all my beloved friends .i'll be missing u guys a lot !have a great hang out .love yaa ..

amalina karim (yuyun)